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Car Accidents in Memphis – What a Headache!

Car accidents occur with varying degrees of severity – from fender benders to the tragic loss of life.  Car accident injuries vary based on multiple factors, such as whether seatbelts were worn, headrests used or whether airbags were deployed.  Consequently, the injuries and damages resulting from a car accident are also as varied.  Car accident plaintiffs should seek legal advice especially when experiencing prolonged symptoms from the car accident.


Many car accident victims commonly complain of head pain with various onset, duration and location.  These headaches result from the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle.  Severe and prolonged headaches can become a significant burden and alter a person’s quality of life, mood, relationships, job performance and productivity.


The medical field classifies headaches into primary and secondary tiers.  Primary headaches can be simply diagnosed and treated.  Secondary headaches, on the other hand, may require more of a coordinated intervention of care.  Post-traumatic head pain resulting from motor vehicle accidents is often categorized into the secondary tier.


Not so Fast, and Not so Easy


And often, car accident plaintiffs do not seek immediate medical attention because they only feel a small amount of discomfort that some generic, over the counter pain reliever would address.  Plaintiffs state that they did not seek medical attention because they were not bleeding, had no broken bones, did not lose consciousness and may not have even hit their body part against the inside of the vehicle.


Secondary headaches, however, tend to worsen over several weeks.  Many patients use alternative methods to soothe headaches from internists, to chiropractors and to acupuncturists.  And at this stage of the car accident claim, it is critical for plaintiffs to also engage a personal injury attorney to assist in documenting the various treatments.  Some car accident victims show improvement with treatment but then report new symptoms such as numbness and loss of balance.  As the medical care adjusts to these dynamic changes, the plaintiff’s lawyer should be as just as involved in recording and gathering evidence from the treatment providers.


Therefore, a car accident plaintiff who presents to a chiropractic clinic may be referred to a neurologist if he or she reported a change in symptoms  as in the above example.  Initial complaints of neck pain, lower back pain and headaches may take a serious turn for the worse if new complaints develop, such as the numbness and loss of balance above.  A negative change in symptoms may lead to neuroimaging studies such as computerized tomography (CT) scans or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


So why all the fuss?  A concern with some car accident victims is that they may develop a subdural hematoma, a pooling of blood around the brain.  The CT scan and MRI would assist in identifying this possibility but these tests add to the cost of medical care, and car accident.


Car accident victims should thus turn to personal injury lawyers for their compensatory options.  Concerns over your health are burdensome enough; at least rely upon a skilled car accident attorney to advise you on the compensation for your medical bills.

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