Find Expert Legal Advice for an Automotive Accidents Case

If you’ve been involved in a vehicular collision of any kind, you might be able to bring a civil case forward and receive additional compensation. Getting in touch with our car accident law firm can be the start of you receiving restitution for your hardship. If you’ve been involved in any of the following, you have options:


  • Bike Accident
  • Boating Accident
  • Car Accident
  • Common Carrier Accident
  • Emergency Vehicle Accident
  • Motorcycle Accident
  • Pedestrian Accident
  • Public Transportation Accident
  • RV or Motorhome Accident
  • Taxi Cab Accident
  • Truck Accident
  • Uber/Lyft Car Accident
  • A T-bone collision
  • Whiplash
  • When a car accident is serious enough, it can become a criminal case, especially when lawbreaking is involved. For all other incidents, damages after an accident are settled between insurers, and going even further, civil court.
  • Whether you live in a no-fault state or a state with traditional fault resolution laws, we can help. You might be able to sue, regardless of the type of accident. Our personal injury attorneys can help you settle a claim whether you live in San Jose or anywhere else!

If you’re looking for a lawyer near you after a car accident, we can help. Whether you’re looking for a car accident attorney in Oakland, CA, a car accident lawyer in the Bay Area, a motorcycle accident accident lawyer in San Francisco, or just a car accident lawyer near you, we can help.

Our Process

1. Planning The Case

We will meet with you, take stock of  your full legal circumstances and draw up a detailed plan for how to proceed with litigation. 

2. Evaluate Situation

There are many different kinds of accidents. We will evaluate your specific situation carefully and decide how to move forward based on what makes the most sense for you. 

3. File The Case To The Court

From there, we will file your case with the court and stick with you every step of the way.

4. Gather More Information

After filing, we will continue to collect information on your case to ensure that we can provide the absolute best legal counsel as the litigation proceeds.


Your privacy is our biggest concern. If you work with us, you can be certain that we will preserve your confidentiality.

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